You Can Get All New Tron Figures (And Here’s Where To Get Them)


Tron Figures are here and there is are already some variations and here is information we have about the different versions.

Walgreens Exclusives

These are the $16.99 bare bones versions Tron , Stark, and Flynn blue version. This is the kicker you cant get the Blue version Flynn at other retailers. These don’t come with accessories beyond your identity disk. If you lose your disc or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate de-resolution. So glad they gave us those unlike the Kingdom Hearts versions what where they thinking? I know we would buy them again if they where released with more stuff. Yes, yes we would but the figures are bigger and come with more stuff so even better. We haven’t got this many Tron figures since 2010.

Important note to collectors: not the Kingdom Hearts sets Tron. Looking at them side by side you see real quick that they are different figures. The only thing that looks like they keep is the scan for the face. Everything else is new. The body on the KH version is basic no torso movement and legs are straight compared to ball joints on the new version. extra detailing is on the newer version from the helmet to the boots are sculpted more than the basic KH tempo printing. The new version is also a bit taller 7 inches tall compared to 6 inch on the KH. Color is day and night. The new versions are more like true colors rather than the KH version is screen color what we got on video. KH is much more darker grey where the new is almost a light blue.


Now the other expanded versions are coming to BBTS, Gamestop, and Comic Books shops through Diamond distribution. They will have all the extra accessories and the very important build a recognizer parts. But they will also cost you more these will retail at $29.99 each but BBTS has a deal on them. This set comes with Red Infiltrator Flynn from where he was sneaking around. So it should be the chase figure but regular blue Flynn is by being a Walgreens exclusive.

Mass Market Versions

Diamond Select Tron Set BBTS

Product Description

Introducing the first ever movie-accurate action figures from the classic sci-fi movie Tron! This series of fully poseable action figures are recreated based on their movie appearance in 7-inch scale and include Tron, Sark, and Infiltrator Flynn in his red disguise.

Each figure features approximately 16 points of articulation and interchangeable disc accessories and effects, as well as a piece of a buildable Recognizer vehicle! Packaged in the display-ready Select action figure packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue, sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.

Product Features

  • 7 inches (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Approximately 16 points of articulation
  • Packaged in the display-ready Select action figure packaging
  • Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios
  • Each figure contains a piece of a buildable Recognizer vehicle

Box Contents

  • Tron figure
    • Interchangeable disc accessories
    • Effect pieces
    • Piece to buildable Recognizer vehicle
  • Sark figure
    • Interchangeable disc accessories
    • Effect pieces
    • Piece to buildable Recognizer vehicle
  • Infiltrator Flynn figure
    • Interchangeable disc accessories
    • Effect pieces
    • Piece to buildable Recognizer vehicle


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