Retro-Bit and SEGA’s Newest Arcade Pad Optimizes Players’ Genesis Mini Experience


SEGA 6-Button Arcade Pad Gives Players Ultimate Control Over SEGA Genesis Mini

Retro-Bit® is thrilled to announce that now currently available is the SEGA ® 6-Button Arcade Pad – USB ®, an authentic new controller designed exclusively for play with the SEGA Genesis ® Mini and SEGA ® Mega Drive Mini consoles.  Priced at $19.99 MSRP (€19.99 in Europe) and available in both Black and Clear Blue, the SEGA  6-Button Arcade Pad offers the familiar look and feel of SEGA ‘s classic 6-button controller first introduced in 1993. The sleek form and comfortable button configuration are designed to give players the ultimate control over specially optimized games on the mini console.  This announcement comes a week before the release of the SEGA Genesis ® Mini on September 19, 2019. The SEGA® 6-Button Arcade Pad includes a 10-foot USB cable and a classic 6-button layout with mode shoulder button originally used to play on these games.

The SEGA  6-Button Arcade Pad – USB is the newest creation to come from the Retro-Bit and SEGA collaboration. Since the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018, Retro-Bit has seen success in their partnership with SEGA to bring to market a line of high-quality & original grade controllers, with many more anticipated in their pipeline.  Critics and fans have fallen in love with the SEGA 6-Button Arcade Pad, with Destructoid calling it a “Flawless facsimile of the original design, down to each and every important detail.” “Utterly, utterly superb,” raves NintendoLife, while Tom’s Guide is “Shocked at how first-rate the build quality is.”

“We are excited to have once again collaborated with SEGA to bring the classic form of the original controller in USB for the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive Mini consoles.  These will definitely enhance gameplay for any gamer that knows and loves these timeless classics,” said Richard Igros, Marketing Manager at Innex, Inc.

The SEGA 6-Button Arcade Pad is now available with two color options. The controllers are currently available at Castlemania Games, GameStop, Toy Wiz, Best Buy, and Amazon. More information on all other original and USB port controllers of the SEGA x Retro-Bit Collaboration line can be found at



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