Time is Running Out For Unicron: HasLab Announces Final Weeks for Unicron Pre Orders


If you were waiting till the last minute for preordering Unicron, well that is now.

Like right now!  Update the deadline has been pushed back to October 6th

Is Unicron coming? I personally really really hope so. I am here to discuss this today. We are days away from the final word if Haslab makes the largest Transformer ever. The new proposed Unicron is over 27 inches tall and in planet mode 30 inches in Diameter. This is huge beyond what you think. The comments I saw before the reveal at SDCC was “he isn’t much taller or bigger than Metroplex or Fortress Maximus”.

Well, I was wrong. They where wrong. Everyone was wrong.

It is massive so much so you don’t understand till you look upon his greatness.

We got to not only see the Unicron at SDCC we got to chat with one of the Hasbro team members involved with the project.

My thoughts after seeing the proposed project. First off did I say it was massive? I know I did like three times now. The amount of detail is amazing. The presence of a Transformer that big is mind blowing. The only issue I have is what mode to display this Robot or Planet mode? Oh given a lot of thought I solved that as well I preordered two. Looking at this planet sized robot in person any of my hesitations disappeared right then. They where gone, I too thought “hey it is not much bigger than the other titans”. That is wrong in every aspect this is a whole another class of Transformers. There is a whole video on the incredible transformation process that most of us will properly never do.

I have seen people complain about the price. Looking at third party combiners, Unicron is cheaper and more impressive. This is a toy of the lifetime, but to get it made we need everyone to chip in. These Haslab projects are crowd funded as to make these incredible projects that would not ever be made for the mass market. Walmart and Target are the only real venues left and they will not give the space needed for what they have now much less giant sized toys like this. The Jabba Sail barge got funded in the last days of the project. I am hoping and praying that is the same thing here so we can have this incredible Transformer in my collection and yours.

Robot Mode
  • Cower in fear as you come face to face with the mighty Unicron in his intimidating robot mode, standing at over 27” tall.
  • The legendary fiend moves methodically with more than 50 points of articulation.
  • He sets his intimidating glare on his enemies with movable eyes.
  • With his articulated fingers, he clutches the air menacingly and makes fists full of his infinite fury.
  • He insults pitiful lesser beings through his articulated mouth and grins malevolently with his movable teeth.
Planet Mode
  • Convert and bring forth the terrifying planet mode of Unicron, a stunning 30” in diameter.
  • His iconic planet-eating jaws are geared to open so the vicious Planet Eater can devour unassuming worlds.
  • The Chaos Bringer’s imposing presence is amplified by his massive posable planetary rings.
  • To support the substantial weight of the approximate 19-pound villainous planet, Unicron requires a custom stand.
  • Do not be fooled. The premium detail and deco are, indeed, inspired by classic 1986 movie, but it is not, in fact, The Lord of Chaos himself.


This campaign will move into production when it reaches its minimum goal of 8,000 backers. All support must be received by 11:59 PM EST on October 6, 2019. If the campaign is successful your payment method will be charged on October 6, 2019. Orders are estimated to ship in early 2021.

Pre order today at Haslab

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