GameStop Reveals PCS Collectibles Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Statues (And They’re Way Too Affordable)



We received them, we reviewed them, they are glorious.

Full disclosure, five seconds after making this odd toy discovery, I preordered both of these statues. I need to know, I need to see these in person to believe it, and I need to review the ever-living-schpadoinkel out of them like now. 

Here is the story:

Available for preorder now on GameStop are two new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers statues, claiming to be GameStop exclusives. We have MMPR Red, and MMPR White Rangers, each with an MSRP of $49.99. The images that came alongside the pieces are blurry, terrible, and zero details were presented with each of the statues. I don’t know the height, the size, the production materials, nothing. All I know is that these are set to ship on December 6th, 2019…

And the production company is PCS Collectibles. I had to check that twice to make sure I read it right.


So, Pop Culture Shock, maker of extremely high-end pop culture figures and statues is putting some of their budget line over at GameStop? Are you really telling me that GameStop is giving me the opportunity to own two PCS Collectible statues for under $100?


I did a little bit of investigating research (which means I clicked twice before giving up) and checked out Sideshow’s and PCS Collectibles’ websites to see if more expensive versions of these items were there. Because they’re touted as GameStop exclusives, they are not. However, I was able to find a similar looking item, the Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger statue that I’d seen on their site before…

And he costs five hundred dollars. 

Look at this contrast! While I am aware that PCS makes a budget line, I’ve never seen such a delicious opportunity to examine them in person! I’ve seen their high end pieces at conventions before and they’re just breathtaking. But, as mentioned above, I preordered both the Red Ranger and White Ranger because I had to know.

Let’s see what happens in December, AM I RIGHT?!

Update: Since publishing this article, it was brought to our attention that PCS Collectibles Budget Green Ranger is available for preorder too! And preorder we did! look forward to this review after December 6th!


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