Funko Teases New Line of 90s Style Trolls Dolls


Back in the 90s, Trolls were everywhere. I remember buying them by the hoards with my older sisters from a kiosk at the now dead Fallbrook Mall in West Hills, California as a kid. Eventually, that Trolls kiosk evolved into a Pogs kiosk before eventually surrendering to the sands of failure. But for a minute there, we really could have it all.

Trolls dolls disappeared, as many toy lines do when they run their course. But when Dreamworks acquired the license a few years back and produced their successful film, which of course came with a toy line, I wasn’t even sure if they’d taken inspiration from the same Trolls toy line. Apparently, they had.

But now, Funko is doing one even better. Take a look at the little teaser video below.

It never occurred to me, but it’s amazing how well the Pops style lends itself to Troll dolls. From what I can see in the teaser, the integrity of the toy is maintained while perfectly executed in the Funko style. I actually really like the replacement of the doll hair with sculpted plastic. I just remember chewing on that hair and ripping it out all the time. Those dolls were expensive, the hair was stuck on with cheap glue, and my mom probably wanted to kill me for chewing the Trolls hollow bodies and tearing off their hair.

Keep your eyes on Funko to see when these Good Luck Trolls will be released and where we can all pick up our own!


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