Bluefin Brands Shows Off New Tokusatsu Blind Boxes


Bro, do you even Henshin?!?

With the Los Angeles based Tokusatsu convention Japan World Heroes having just happened this weekend, we are TOKU CRAZY over here at Toy Wizards! And what better way to celebrate than with a new Tokusatsu Blind Box from the coolest distributor of Japanese toys and goodies out there, Bluefin Brands?!

Join in on the action with their Tokusatsu Blind Box. Each of the 12 variants will feature S.H. Figuarts for Power RangersUltraman, and Kamen Rider. Each bag has a chance for a Kamen Rider Kicks S.H Figuarts. There are four items in each bag, including three Tokusatsu SHF. Lastly, you will have a chance to win the Black Dragonzord Soul of Chogokin from Tamashii Nations.

Sale Price: $100

MSRP: Over $175

*The Tokusatsu Blind Box will have 12 variants. However, duplicate boxes are still a possibility. Boxes will begin shipping on August 30, 2019.



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