NewAge Releases Thrones For Your Masterpiece Scale Transformers


You’ve seen it in the cartoon. You’ve definitely seen it in gif form. And now, NewAge toys is helping make your Transformers fantasies come to life.

I’m not even kidding, this gif makes me tear up with joy every time I watch it on loop for 30 minutes.

These thrones are available as a two pack and are on sale at The Chosen Prime right now for $75. While the Takara Tomy Masterpiece edition of the old school Megatron is out of stock, the gold version still exists, as does the movie version if you’re into tangles of metal walking. Aesthetics are subjective. Or, you can wait for that Masterpiece edition Soundwave that’s coming back out in November 2019 and crown him the king.

Unless in your AU of the story…Starscream finally becomes the leader?

Eh, just sit your bots on the throne, they’ll look great.


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