POPS! Haunted Mansion Get 999 Ghosts


From Disney’s Haunted Mansion we get 999 more ghosts. Well more like 28 ghosts but who is really counting? Oh you are counting, fine, it’s 36 new Pops. What we have is multiple exclusives since SDCC Comic Con and most now have a release date of later this year in multiple market places. All of this to help celebrate Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary. Lets go down the lists.

First off is a Target Exclusive Three Hitchhiking Ghosts Chrome Green pack.

Erza the Hitchhiking Ghost also has a super Size version for Target

If that is not enough there is also a set of T-shirts for Target as well. You get the famous Hitchhiking Ghosts as well as a Haunted Mansion logo shirt both exclusives.

Regular POP!s are

Madame Leota
Glow in the Dark Madame Leota Park Exclusive


Harp guy Boxlunch Exclsuive
Groundskeeper Boxlunch Exclusive
Opera Singer

More Hichhiking ghosts as mini POP! keychains


Here are some POP! Vinyl for Boxlunch, Target, and Hot Topic all with Exclusives.

Mummy and singing bust are at all locations



Hot Topic and Box Lunch Exclusives Bride, Glow in the dark Leota, and Hitchhiking Ghosts in Blue hue.


Target gets the Hitchhiking ghosts in a green hue Opera Singer and a Madam Leota


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