Takara Tomy Shows Off New Transformers Siege Images


Look at these new awesome Transformers images that Takara Tomy has dropped. I said look at them!

Now, you see. Now, you know. Now, you understand. And when your death grip on your bank account loosens and the oxygen comes back to it, truly, it will remember to thank you.

What is great about these new images. They are real photos not renders. This is what we are getting some of these were on display at Comic Con and we have images from Takara now for these much wanted add-ons to the Siege Transformers Line. Ratbat and Frenzy cassette cronies of Soundwave. Rung or aka Primus the first Transformer in the IDW comic series.

These extraordinarily affordable little numbers will be released in January 2020 and so far, have MSRPs in the $8 range. Some of them have started popping up for preorder on HobbyLink Japan, so you don’t want to miss them!


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