Toy Wizards Review: Godzilla Vinyl Mini Figure Series by Kidrobot


Toy Wizards would like to thank Kidrobot for providing us a case of Godzilla Vinyl Mini Figures to review! You can purchase your own for $9.99 each directly from Kidrobot! Each quantity ordered is a single blind box. For a case, order a quantity of 24.

The new Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series from Kidrobot are here and they are adorable! They come in a set of 13 figures, and your odds of finding each of them are as followed:

Godzilla 1954 Mini Figure – 2/24

Godzilla 1985 Mini Figure – 2/24

Burning Godzilla Mini Figure – 3/24

?? (Blacked Out Mystery Chase Godzilla Figure) – ??/??

Godzilla 1995 Mini Figure – 3/24

Mechagodzilla Mini Figure – 2/24

King Ghidorah Mini Figure – 2/24

Mothra Larva Mini Figure – 3/24

?? (Blacked Out Mystery Chase Godzilla Figure) – ??/??

Rodan Mini Figure – 1/24

Shin Godzilla Mini Figure – 2/24

Mothra Mini Figure – 1/24

It was so much fun to open the entire case in the review video, though I apologize for the microphone mishap at the end of the video– will definitely look into that because that’s never happened before in a Spontaneous Toy Review!

Mecha Godzilla and Godzilla 2000 were my favorite of this set. Being that we cracked open 24 of them in the video review, we were going to find just about all of the pieces (and the specific number out of 24) that would find. However, we did find one of two variants. We found the copper painted Mothra Larva (which the Mothra Larva was probably the least exciting toy for me in the set), but the Mystery variant Godzilla wasn’t there. That one is likely hiding in another case of Wonka Bars. I mean, Godzilla figures.

These toys are vinyl, about 3 inches tall, and actually have limited articulation! Their heads movie and their flappy little stub arms can pose. They have cute tummies and little scary grrrr faces and I just love them so much. I definitely recommend these toys to both Godzilla collectors and people who just love cute desk tchotchkes on their desk. Mothra’s wings would not stay in, which is a QC issue, but otherwise, the paint applications and colors and everything else are amazing.

I give the Godzilla Vinyl mini figure series from Kidrobot 4/5 Wizard Stars!


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