Hasbro Announces Power Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Blue Ranger Figure


Another Psycho Ranger is joining Hasbro’s Lightning Collection line, and this time, he’s BLUE!

On the heels of the Psycho Red Ranger’s reveal as part of a two pack with the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Red Ranger – in comes a standalone release for the Psycho Blue Ranger!

The Psycho Blue Ranger will release exclusively at a retailer yet to be named for $19.99, with release expected in the Fall of 2019. Let’s hope it’s not Target, because those shelves are barren wastelands when it comes to stocking and restocking Power Rangers toys.

Back to the Psycho Blue Ranger– The figure will come with all the greatest hits of assortments in terms of weapons, hands, and special effects.

Pink Ranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Magna Defender, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/Red Ranger, Power Rangers Beast Morphers/Gold Ranger, Power Rangers Beast Morphers were all recently announced for Wave 2 and will hit alongside the MMPR Black Ranger Walgreens exclusive, and the MMPR Green Ranger and Putty 2-pack.Wave 2 will hit all mass retailers in Fall 2019, though fans have begun saying they’re seeing them at Walgreens.

At this time, the remaining Psycho Rangers (Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Silver) have not yet been announced.


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