Toy Wizards Review: Stubbins Plush Toys


Toy Wizards would like to thank Stubbins for providing us these adorable plush toys to review. You can check out the official Stubbins site and get some of your own right now!

Stubbins are a line of licensed 7 inch plush toys that feature the likeness of many amazing characters. Most notably, they are plush toys of not only Capcom characters, but Sony IPs and franchises as well.

That’s where Stubbins crushed it with these. The fact that you can get a licensed Sony character isn’t something you’re going to find everywhere.

So, as for the specifics of these toys, they’re super adorable. Again, they’re about 7 inch toys, and we were given Mega Man, Vault Boy, and Dragonborn. While we’re not super hardcore plush collectors over here, these are still better than buying a Funko Pop in our eyes.

Especially because they’re so soft and cute. And really, because of their price point, they can easily be purchased for…you know…actual kids.

We give the Stubbins 4/5 Wizard Stars!


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