Knock-Off of Popular SDCC Dumpster Fire Toy Gets Modeled and Immediately Shut Down


The saga of San Diego Comic-Con Dumpster Fire toy from 100% Soft seems to have no end in sight. For those of you who missed all the excitement, the long and short is that a local Los Angeles artist named Truck Torrance created a very cute and charming resin toy that looked like a dumpster fire, only is was super, super adorable.

The face that caused everyone to murder each other

There was a blue version and a more limited purple variant and with their powers combined, it’s said that 100% Soft was only selling 10-12 of these toys per day. In fact, Wizards being magical, we even managed to exclusive our way into the line on Saturday, the day before the end of the show, and pick one up! You can check out our review here:

And while Truck Torrance and 100% Soft said they will make more of the toy with a new variety of colors, some fans haven’t been able to wait that long. Reports of the toy selling on eBay between $500-$750 dollars have begun to pop up, and additionally…

People tried taking into their own hands.

Discovered on Thingverse, one user made mention of the original Toy Wizards article and showed off his own model of the Dumpster Fire toy.

We will not post the name of the user who created this to protect their privacy (unless they reach out to us stating otherwise), but reports state that the user was asked by the original Dumpster Fire artist to remove their modeled images because the design was too close to his. Therefore, this is a “hey, this exists” article that we just want you to look at because we think the story is interesting.


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  1. Ehhh I think that the “original artist” did a great job, and should just suck it up if someone else makes a same or similar design. A dumpster and a fire…not exactly the “original artists’ own idea.

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