HIYA Toys Lets You Hunt Your Gijoes And Justice League With 1/18 Scale Predators


Shown off at SDCC In the Diamond Select Toys Booth is HIYA Toys 1/18 scale 4 inches figure lines for both Predator and Injustice Justice League figures. These are commonly known as Gijoe scaled figures for 1/18 scale. The very detailed Justice has all of the favorites you want and a very large Darkside that is my favorite.

Update: These are available for purchase on Hiya Toys website now!

Right below this case is the Predator case with all of your best Predators from most of the films. I can not tell you how much I want these to hunt my GIJoes and now you do too.

A surprise at the top of this case is a Robocop output unpainted not yet released and details on him but with Super7 having a four inch Robocop line and this we can soon have a army of cyborgs to fight off all of these Predators.

Some really great stuff offered by Diamond that means big your local Comic Book Shop.

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