Diamond Select shows off Disney’s The Black Hole Action Figures


If you’re like me, you love a film you could not believe your parents took you to see. Well, they did and it was a trip. Since that amazing movie, they thought would rival Star Wars and did not. In the early 80s we got treated to all types of merchandise but since then it has been very very sparse. Someone at Diamond Select Toys saw that we needed more Black Hole and decided to fill that need.

Our first look is the magnificent Maximilian along with the helpful V.I.N.CENT and old B.O.B. Each comes with multiple accessories come with this set and a really cool computer background. On top of this there is a Maximilian and V.I.N.CENT in Diamond’s smaller Vinimate series as well.

Here is to hoping we get more of these guys down the line I would love to army build Sentry Robots and a S.T.A.R would blow my mind. Is it too late for a Ernest Borgnine in the mix ? Asking for a friend.


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