Breaking News: Hasbro Reveals Power Rangers Green Ranger Two Pack At SDCC


This morning at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Press Breakfast, the toy giant revealed an amazing new piece that is guaranteed to drive Power Rangers fans insane. It’s incredible, some would say even better than the convention exclusive Red Ranger and Gold Zeo Ranger two pack.

Maybe. Not definitely. That Austin St. John two pack is pretty sweet.

This Green Ranger and Putty set will retail for $40. You can preorder yours today from BigBadToyStore, Hasbro Pulse, or where you purchase your collectibles.

Presenting the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger and Putty 2-pack. And holy goodness, is this set a knock out.

Included in the pack are two six inch figures. The Green Ranger comes with two heads, his helmeted transformed one and a Tommy Oliver civilian sculpt. Because of the fancy lighting, it’s hard to see if the Green Ranger comes with his Dragon Flute (though if the announced Black Ranger and Red Ranger can, then it’s very likely he will have it too). He comes with a sword and an attack effect that looks like the lightning blast that the other Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures have had so far.

The Putty seems to come equipped on his own, but he is incredibly detailed and has these gnarly awesome fists. I love it and I can’t wait to get my hands on this piece!

Go Green Ranger, GO!!!


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