Breaking News: Mattel Confirms New MOTU Toy Line is Called Masters of the Universe Origins


First debuting on io9, Mattel has officially announced the new Masters of the Universe toy line that fans have been waiting for. Rumors first started when it was heard that Mattel was taking back the MOTU license from Super7, the toy company that helped skyrocket Masters of the Universe back into popularity (toy wise). Granted, I will say that I love MOTUC, but those are from about 2016 at this point.

On the left is the 80s He-Man action figure, center and right are He-Man and Skeletor from the new Masters of the Universe Origin line

Masters of the Universe Origins is starting its flagship wave with two figures, He-Man and Skeletor, and are set to come out in 2020. Other noted difference in 80s MOTU from Mattel to now are the points of articulation. The toys back in the day had only six points, but are now touted to have up to sixteen.

And that packaging. Oof. Can’t mess with the classics.

These new figures will look awesome with Mattel’s new MOTU San Diego Comic-Con 2-pack that is debuting at the show this week. We knew that was the precursor to something bigger, but to hear this announcement so soon is just awesome.

Soon, we will all have the powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

UPDATE: 7/18/19 Mattel releases a new photo of the first wave of Masters of the Universe Origins. Brilliantly, they will include by babe Evil-Lyn, and each of these will retail for $14.99


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