Japanese Brand Itouki Releases Neon Genesis Evangelion Office Chairs


“The letters “GOD’S IN HIS HEAVEN. ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD” appear on the head of the Nerv model.” – Rei Miyahara , Netaboru

You may not be able to pilot your own Evangelion…

But you can sit in this amazing office chair, throw on your plug suit, and live your best “riding in an Eva…chair” life.

I musn’t roll away, I musn’t roll away…

The price is 63,500 yen (about $645, excluding tax) and the optional glide leg (fixed leg) is 4,000 yen (excluding tax). The details can be confirmed on the special page . We cannot confirm if you can buy these outside of Japan. But we can confirm that they come in the best box ever:

The high-performance task chair “EVANGELION CHAIR” in collaboration with “Evangelion” comes from Itouki, who handles office furniture. It’s on sale at the official Itoki online shop and EVANGELION STORE .The design is the first model “EVA-01-ES” based on purple and green, the second model “EVA-02-ES” with four eyes of green accented with red and white based, Ayanami Rei’s All four types of Tonami model “EVA-AY-ES” which imaged the plug suit, black & red Nerv model “EVA-NV-ES” which embroidered logo of “NERV” on the back head.

EVA-01-ES (front)

EVA-01-ES (back side)

EVA-02-ES (front)

EVA-02-ES (back side)

EVA-AY-ES (front)

EVA-AY-ES (back side)
EVA-NV-ES (front)

EVA-NV-ES (back side)

As a common function, up to 135 degrees of reclining, along with it rocking that the seat surface rises to about 10 degrees upwards, a seven-step adjustable height armrest, and other Japanese-made springs are easy to operate The “Magokoro lever” is installed.



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