Toy Wizards’ Power Rangers Green Ranger Razor Scooter (Giveaway and Video!)


We got our hands on the Power Rangers Green Ranger Razor Scooter, and our reporter and stunt man Scott Zillner did a ride and review…sorta.

As it is a Razor kick scooter, it is small and lightweight. Folds up easily and for the size isn’t a bad ride. The white wheels I imagine will get scuffed and dirty very quick. But really who is crazy enough to ride this around anyways? It has ample room on the deck to get it signed if you can meet Jason David Frank at a event. I assume most of these will get signed and put on a wall somewhere. It is not a bad looking scooter the gold is a nice touch. Looking at Razor online its one of the best looking scooters they make. Go Go Power Rangers!

Power Morphicon Facebook page will be giving a couple away so check them out here.





Announced by Hasbro is a Power Rangers related piece just in time for San Diego Comic-Con. While it may not be the Dragon Zord that all Green Ranger hopefuls wish they could pilot, nothing can stop you from grabbing your Dragon Dagger flute and riding this new metal monster all over Angel Grove. Painted to resemble the iconic Green Ranger, the T-bar features shining gold paint, while the Razor features white and green paint. The Dragon Coin symbol is on the lower part of the Scooter as well, and the Razor is an original classic style A-Kick scooter. It will retail for $79.99 at the Hasbro Booth at SDCC plus Hasbro Pulse and Razor later.


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