GameStop Holds Huge $20 or Less Sale For Legacy Power Rangers Toys


The good people at GameStop are at it again, and hopefully some of us Power Rangers fans can get in on this tasty, tasty, sale.

A select amount of Bandai Power Rangers Legacy merchandise is on sale now for $20. Zeo toys, Morphers, and certain Megazords and props can be purchased in store only, so we toy junkies need to act fast.

Here’s what you can do. Click on the link and select the item you want. Do a search for it and see if it’s hiding at any of your local stores. If so, go get it! If not, that’s the way it is. There are no guarantees or promises here, but as of yesterday and this morning, this sale was in effect.

Big thanks to Toy Wizards friend, reader, and massive Power Rangers toy collector Jaime Muniz for the heads up on this sale!

Happy hunting, rangers, and may the power protect you!


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