Mattel Panders and Keeps It Safe With Their New David Bowie Barbie Doll


Which in my opinion, needs 100% more Bowie Buldge.

This is a family site, I’ll keep it at that.

So, from my observation, Mattel tends to do one of two things when they release Barbie dolls based off existing people or properties. One, they either make dolls of those people in the style of Barbie (such as their BTS Kpop line), or second, they will make a doll of Barbie more or less cosplaying a preexisting human or character.

And in this case, we have the latter. Human or character statement included.

Anyone who knows anything about pop culture, music culture, movie culture, or sexy British gentleman culture understands the impact of David Bowie’s work. The man was a maverick, consistently showing off new angles of himself, his music, his sexuality, his aesthetic– he could do whatever he wanted! And it was all lovely! One of his most famous works from the 70s was the creation of a concept character (a role, really) called Ziggy Stardust, IE, an Alien man from outer space who came here to rock.

All hail the 70s.

David Bowie deserves to be memorialized in the form of dolls, Barbies, action figures, brick sets, POPS, comic books, Jareth memorabilia, and whatever else his family and estate deem necessary and respectful.

With that, I think there’s a little bit of a missed opportunity here. While the costume and hair on this new Bowie-Barbie are excellent, the face just looks like…again….well, Barbie in cosplay. Barbie styled like Ziggy Stardust. I would love to see a more stylized, point faced, elfish face sculpt that really captures…well…David Bowie.

And hey, if I’m the one missing the punchline here, that’s fine. If Mattel really just wants to release a Barbie dressed up like Bowie, all good. No judgement. But if this is supposed to look like Bowie in the style of Barbie, then Mattel missed the mark.

Nothing a good Uno the Movie can’t fix.

No release date or price point for Bowie Barbie has been announced yet. Toy Wizards will update readers when more information is available.


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