Toy Maker 100% Soft Reveals ‘Dumpster Fire’ Toy As San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive


In a stroke of pure genius, toy maker 100% Soft  creates a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive that perfectly describes the attitude many attendees have toward the show: a Dumpster Fire.

This resin toy will be debuted at SDCC and you can find it at booth #1532. There are two versions, purple and blue. Each of the 3.5″x3.5″x2.75″ hand casted and painted toys comes signed and numbered by creator Truck Torrance, and will retail for $50 each.

UPDATE 7/17/19: Toy Wizards has learned that 100% Soft will be selling the Dumpster Fire resin toy in extremely limited quantities– only 12 per day is what we are told. Good luck and happy collecting!


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  1. Totally would buy a set, I’m in the military and can’t always get or buy things that are limited runs. I will be waiting patiently to see if you will run them on your shop for sale or if someone on eBay will be selling. Looking forward to getting a set of my own.

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