Super7 Brings Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang to Pop Up Event in Super7 San Diego Store


Super7, makers of collectible toys and apparel, heads to the funny pages with the debut of its new Peanuts collection at SDCC. Known for taking well loved entertainment properties from the past and putting a new, modern spin on them, Super7 has done it again with the beloved comic strip Peanuts and focusing on the more stylized 1950’s characters from the launch of the strip.

Return to the good ol’ days of Peanuts at the exclusive Good Grief, a Super7 x Peanuts Gift Shop, showcased at the Super7 San Diego store.This once in a year/lifetime/Comic-Con exclusive event will take place Friday through Sunday July 19-21, 2019, 11:00am-9:00pm (Fri-Sat) and11:00am-5:00pm (Sun) at 701 Eighth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101.

So for those of you of you not able to make it to San Diego Comic-Con, fear not! This pop up gift shop event will take place inside the Super7 San Diego store! 

This collection’s signature piece, the Good Ol’ Charlie Brown 3.75” ReAction Figure showcases Charlie Brown as he appeared in the very first Peanuts newspaper strip from October 2nd, 1950. Standing by Good Ol’ Charlie Brown’s side will be a life-size 16” Snoopy vinyl figure featuring a teasing Snoopy, complete with a removable Charlie Brown Mask and fabric shirt, as he was seen in the October 28, 1953 strip. Six additional 3.75” ReAction figures join in on the fun, including Cowboy Charlie Brown, Racoon Hat Snoopy, PJ Sally, Baseball Schroeder, Pirate Linus and Winter Lucy.

Another highlight piece of the collection is Snoopy wearing a (removable) Charlie Brown mask.

“Growing up, Peanuts was my dad’s favorite, and from the time I could read he gave me his childhood Peanuts books, and the love of it is something we have shared ever since. To be able to make the Peanuts figures I always wanted to have as a child is a dream come true for both of us.”Brian Flynn, Super7 founder and owner

But if toys aren’t your bag (to which I say, why are you here?) Super7 has your Peanuts needs covered! Also coming in this collection are drinking glasses (want), puffy stickers, puzzles, and pins (also want). This collection was announced by Super7 months ago and it’s so exciting to finally see the love and respectful treatment of this delicate and classic franchise. Really, it’s like The Moomins of American culture. So beautiful and precious. I can’t wait to get my hands on these.


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