Han Cholo Announces New Power Rangers Products For San Diego Comic-Con


A few days ago, Los Angeles based jewelry brand Han Cholo teased on Instagram that they were adding a new license to their umbrella. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; it’s Power Rangers. 

For their flagship Power Rangers item, Han Cholo is showing off an officially licensed ‘It’s Morphin’ Time’ enamel pin, which they will sell at their San Diego Comic-Con booth #1720, with another surprise piece that will be unveiled for NYCC.

As a big fan of Han Cholo and the beautiful work they do, I got together with brand founder and designer Brandon Schoolhouse to see what other Power Rangers jewelry we can expect from them coming soon!

Hi Brandon! Thank you for giving Toy Wizards this interview! For our readers just discovering your brand, Han Cholo, for the first time, would you mind giving us a little backstory on how long you’ve been around and what inspired you to build the company?

Hi Loryn, thank you for having me. I started Han Cholo back in 2002.

I wanted to make jewelry for for myself because I couldn’t seem to find anything I liked. So, I started making jewelry. I was also a wardrobe stylist for a while and was making custom one of a kind pieces for my jobs and projects and kind of fell into staring my own line.

Han Cholo is unique not only because of the visual and build quality of your products, but because you offer licensed products. What determines some of the brands you go after other than just you and your team being fans?

Being a comic book and sci-fi fan and toy collector, each one of my licenses I’m blessed to work with, I personally am a fan of.

Once you guys acquire the rights to the license, what goes into designing the perfect product? Do you have ideas in mind before the deal is made, or does all the brainstorming happen once paper is signed?

Well yeah, I have a wish board of licenses I would love to work with. So I kind of make concepts even before we get to work with them.

Your products have been worn by some pretty high-profile people. Do you consider your products ‘nerd apparel’ or are you simply honing into pop culture?

I think both. Being around for so long I’ve got create some special pieces for all types of people from simple to outrageous. When I started Han Cholo I told myself I wanted to make Jewelry that was all over the place, so I never wanted to paint myself and designs in a corner. I am inspired by so many things around me everyday. So, it keeps a fresh outlook on my jewelry.

If you could design and create a Han Cholo product for ANY franchise in the world, whether or not you could get the license, what is your ultimate dream piece to make?

Hmmm thats a difficult question. I’ve been blessed to work with so many great franchises and people already. I would say Godzilla is up there.

Let’s talk about your recent acquiring of the Power Rangers license that you teased on Instagram. Power Rangers fans are impassioned, but at the same time love to see their favorite show represented. Where are you going to start with Power Rangers products, and where do you plan on going with it?

Yes, were so excited for this new License. We are releasing a Power Rangers pin for SDCC. just a sneak peek appetizer.

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss that we haven’t touched on? Where can fans follow you and buy your amazing jewelry and pins?

You can follow us on Instagram: @hancholodesigns or Twitter: @hancholodesigns and you can always see what’s new and what we’re releasing on our Website www.hancholo.com

And check out the gallery of everything you can expect to see at Han Cholo’s San Diego Comic-Con booth this year! 

That golden Optimus Prime and Evil-Lyn will be mine, mark my words!

And last but not least, you can’t say Los Angeles without thinking skaters. Therefore, Han Cholo is also showing off their new officially licensed Masters of the Universe Skeletor skate deck, available for preorder now with an MSRP of $85!


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