Takara Tomy Reveals Transformers 35th Anniversary Convoy Command Box


Transformers celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year, and there’s no shortage of amazing product coming out from every corner of the globe. And now, straight from Japan, comes a brand-new gold plated Convoy (aka Optimus Prime).


Purists rejoice; he does in fact transform! According to the press release images from Takara Tomy, Convoy will take his truck form, or hang out in his robot form. He has an MSRP of 16,800 yen (about $165) or an upgraded matrix set edition for 21,800 (about $215). From what I gather without the ability to read Japanese, the matrix edition comes with extra little goodies, though the figure itself is the same. Unfortunately, the toy is limited to Japanese buyers only, but I’m sure scalpers will take care of that for us.


<Product name>

Transformers 35th Anniversary
Convoy Command Box

<Main product details>

Fight Convoy Golden Trophy
STARS members set (TF command center. Members’ cards, TF badges, posters, Transformers book)
! Super Robot Creatures Transformers Complete Works

<Sales price>

Normal version:
16,800 yen (including tax and shipping costs)

Matrix set (the complete name will include your name):
21,800 yen (including tax and shipping costs)

Reservation acceptance start 11:00 on July 1,
2019 Reservation acceptance end 23:59 August 31, 2019

Delivery date Scheduled to ship in late February 2020


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