Magic: The Gathering SDCC Exclusives Have Been Announced


Magic is one of the hottest SDCC Comic Con Exclusives at the show. Every year people literally run and then ram themselves into line. This only leads to be tossed out because it is Thursday. You have to have a band from upstairs that was already handed out before you event got to the event. Not to mention your only there for one day, flew across the country and go home with out them. That is what will happen while some guy and his friends walk away with twelve of them already listed on eBay.

Now about the cards this is a five card set for $99. At twenty bucks a card you are getting. Five God-Eternals Nicol, Oketra, Rhonas, Bontu, and Kefnet. These all have special black borders and art by Adam Paquette.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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