A Full-Sized 1:1 Scale Sailor Moon SuperS Dream Mirror Is Coming Soon


Coming direct from Japan in October, 2019 with an MSRP of $52 is a 1:1 full scale Dream Mirror. Fans of Sailor Moon will recognize this iconic piece from the fourth season of the show, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS.

The long and short for this piece and its iconography is that in the fourth season, everyone has a mirror in their chest that captures their beautiful dreams, memories, and aspirations. The person with the most beautiful dreams (Chibiusa, of course) has a Pegasus hiding in her dreams with a golden horn that the baddies want to steal.

Many have equated the violation of being tied up, your dream mirror pulled from your chest, and the victim screaming while a laughing grown man forces himself inside of it to “see your dreams” to that of rape, and they’re not wrong. It’s definitely upsetting imagery, and it always surprised me that Toei gave it the go ahead with zero symbolic consideration.

But enough of that– it was the 90s!

You can preorder your own from Nin-Nin-Games.


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