Hot Toys Reveals New Cosbaby Super Deformed, Cutesy Toy Story 4 Figures


See, everyone? It is possible to make chibi/SD/stylized toys that aren’t terrifying looking!

Woody, Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story crew is returning in the long-awaited sequel, Toy Story 4! Friends of old and new are ready for the next adventure to discover how big the world can be for a toy. Based on the highly anticipated movie, today Hot Toys is presenting the Toy Story 4 Cosbaby collection that brings your beloved characters to life. Include Buzz Lightyear with eyeball rotation function, Jessie, Alien, Rex, Slinky Dog and amazing collectible sets featuring Woody with eyeball rotation function & Forky, Bo Peep & Giggle, also Ducky & Bunny, with each of the Cosbaby in the series standing approximately 8.5 – 11.5cm in height.

The iconic duo sets include Sheriff Woody featuring eyeball rolling function standing with his arms crossed in front of chest and Forky, Bonnie’s googly-eyed craft projects, making his first appearance on silver screen with a big smile; Bo Peep swapped her pink dress for blue practical trousers and Giggle the miniature police officer who keeps Bo Peep company; last but not least, the carnival prize pair yellow Ducky & blue Bunny, who have already grabbed fans attention from the movie teaser featuring their fun personalities earlier.

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to bring home the excitement of Toy Story!


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