Finding the Perfect ‘Transformers The Movie’ (1986) Display

Completing your Transformers The Movie cast in any scale can be a daunting task, but we’re up for the challenge. We’ll take a look at your Third Party and official Hasbro/Takara Tomy options to create a display in three popular scales featuring all the main players from the bots from Cybertron’s first big feature film!


Masterpiece Scale

Easily the most popular scale amongst collectors and third party companies set out to create screen accurate versions of your favorite characters. Let’s take a look at the best of the best out there when it comes to the newly introduced Autobots from 1986!

Hot Rod


FansToys Hoodlum is our pick for your go-to MP scale Hot Rod. He’s got the look, he’s got the touch, he’s got the power.


Ultra Magnus


There’s a real lack of Masterpiece Ultra Magnuses, Mag– er…Magni. The official Takara Tomy MP-22 is a bit bulky and in my opinion is a little off the mark in terms of colors and relative scale with other characters. Alas, this chonk boy is still the best available option in this scale.




The fan favorite fem bot. There’s been some great attempts in the MP scale, but our choice is Ocular Max Azalea. This toy really nails the female robot aesthetic without looking like a woman cosplaying as Arcee.




Ocular Max’s latest release Saltus is their version of what we feel is the best Masterpiece Springer on the market to date. He’s in the lead ahead of a good three or four options out there, as there has been no shortage of green and yellow triple changer love from various third parties. I’ve always gotten a Patrick Swayze vibe from Springer. Just me? Ok… moving on!




Everyone’s favorite grizzled curmudgeon was wonderfully realized by FansToys with their release of Koot. Even with a slightly unsightly backpack, this is without a doubt the best looking Kup available for this scale.



Voiced by comedy legend Eric Idle in the 1986 film, Wreck-Gar was from a planet of Junkions that learned to communicate through Earth television. Crash Hog here was made by KFC (Keith’s Fantasy Club) and perfectly represents the cobbled together Mad Max motorcycle bot. They also released variations of this toy to create other Junkion troops. Wreck-Gar has to ride on something after all!



The upcoming FansToys Jabber will fill the empty space on your shelf for the motormouthed Blurr. Voiced by the incredibly talented speed talking John Moschitta, whom you may remember from the MicroMachines commercials of yesteryear, this new Autobot introduced in 1986 walked the line of annoying and whimsical. Regardless of how you feel about Blurr, he is an integral movie cast member and recurring season 3 bot.



Who’s hip? Cool? Rhymes and break dances? Why it’s Wheelie, of course. Introduced in the film to replace your well played with Bumblebee in the toy box in 1986. A polarizing figure to say the least in Transformers fandom and this toy is no exception. Xtransbots Ollie has been released three separate times. Each time amending small quality issues. If you must have a Wheelie in your group, make sure you’re tracking down Ver. 3.0! He has the least amount of problems.



Megatron reborn! The resurrection of the Decepticon leader voiced by Leonard Nimoy made this one of the most prominent new character introductions in the movie. FansToys FT-16 Sovereign is one of many Masterpiece scaled offerings of Galvatron, but it hits all the key design notes. He sports a fantastic head sculpt, and a good deal of bulk while staying true to the proportions of the character. He’s not the cheapest Galvatron for your MP collection, but you’ll be perfectly content with value of your purchase.



I’m a big fan of Cyclonus and FansToys’ Quietus is an exemplary version of the character! Released earlier this year, Quietus does an awesome job of giving you a towering, imposing robot and a sleek, pointy Cybertronian space jet!



Scourge and his huntsmen, the Sweeps have been offered by Xtransbots in the form of their Andras. The flying bathtub has never looked so good! Would love to see some other companies take their shot at this character. At the moment this is your singular MP scale option.

That wraps up Part 1 of this three part look at building a preferred Transformers the Movie collection! Next time we’re switching scales and looking at what the ongoing collector’s line Transformers Generations has to offer! 


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