MEZCO Toyz Reveals 30th Anniversary Batman Movie Toy (That Just Leaves Us Confused)


I have a theory about MEZCO Toyz. I feel like so much time, energy, and resources go into their One:12 Collective pieces that by the time they’re ready to create new pieces off their preexisting licenses, they’re so tired and stressed that they take it straight to crazy-town with pieces like…this.

Look– it’s never my intention to insult a toy company. I love toy companies, would work with any of them in a hot second, and scramble for interview opportunities whenever I can. So, I don’t just snarkticle to snarkticle. But I’m not sure that I would spend $38 on this newest creation from MEZCO that parodies the majesty that are Michael Keaton’s lips that here just look like a pursed set of rubber….


If you’re into the MEZCO Designer series, this toy goes up for preorder tomorrow, and you can check out the official page here. Otherwise, save your shekels for the One:12 Collective. I guess we can look at these in a tongue in cheek way. I just feel like there are more successful ways to stylize toys while still making them attractive. An example of this is when NECA Toys nailed it with the Toony Terrors line, which are still available for preorder.

This rubber-faced Batman with terrifying moving eyes is only 6″ tall, and I really feel like if this is a direction that works for MEZCO aesthetically, let’s take the crazy full-throttle and make full sized dummies and puppets with faces like this one. That is some weirdness I can get behind!

Do you like MEZCO Toyz’s designer collection? Will you be adding this Batman to your collector’s shelf? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!


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  1. This type of figure is gaining popularity right now. I just think this new “deforeal” style is new to you. They’re doing a few Godzillas already, Kong from Skull Island, It, Jason Vorhees etc… I can see where it could come off as “weird” or “silly” looking, but I’m telling you…there’s a market that will go nuts over this Keaton Batman.

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