LEGO Shows Off A San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Batman (That You Can’t Buy)


San Diego Comic-Con is well known for great exclusives. They’re also not so well known for being easy access to getting said exclusives. LEGO and Funko are the worst. There has been lines 3 hours long to get into a drawing for the opportunity to hear whether or not you’ll be eligible to buy them. Common practice at these booths is that they would let people line up then not sell the items to them.

Many, many mind wrenching games and ploys to try and buy something at SDCC. The new system is to get into a virtual lottery (that ended weeks ago) to possibly buy stuff that is not released till later. Today is a example of that– I hope you don’t really want this exclusive; because you can’t buy it.

It is great too really, a really nice LEGO mini set– hell, I would love to get it! But you have to of won a lottery before you knew it would come out to get it.

This is totally not crazy, right?

This set is to celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary

The Dark Knight of Gotham City Set #77903. The set contains 427 pieces

If you win the LEGO Lottery, it will cost you $45.

Otherwise, have fun paying $200 or more later on ‘The Bay’.


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