ICYMI: Mattel Finally (Perhaps Begrudgingly) Acknowledges Existence of DreamWorks’ She-Ra Series With SDCC Exclusive


As reported on Toy-Wizards on June 17, it seems that Mattel has finally decided to support the new She-Ra animated series with some actual product.

The new DreamWorks/Netflix exclusive She-Ra series may have divided fandom, but it seemed odd that Mattel had no supporting product for the animated series’ launch… and stranger still that they never even acknowledged the launch of the first or second season from their social media accounts. So total was their media blackout that the silence rivaled that of the new show’s creators refusal to mention the unfortunate passing of original She-Ra co-creator Larry DiTillio.

But as Bob Dylan once said, The times, they are a-changin’. Or maybe it was Man-E-Faces. I am often confused.

Mattel has announced a She-Ra exclusive for next month’s San Diego Comic-Con, featuring the series’ title character (I refuse to say “titular,” you weirdos) and her former mentor/current foe, Shadow Weaver.

Sweet dreams are made of these.

The two dolls do an amazing job of keeping the show’s design aesthetic while eschewing the more androgynous elements, adding touches of femininity to increase their broader-base appeal. The result is not unlike the designs of the popular DC Super Hero Girls line, all the way down to brushable hair (sure to delight YouTube personality, and brushable-hair enthusiast, Geeky Sparkles of Clownfish TV.)

Villains never get a decent font. In a show all about representation, you’d think they’d have a better union.

The two dolls come in an admittedly attractive window box package, featuring lush backgrounds from the animation which emphasize both the light and dark of She-Ra’s homeworld of Etheria, and bios of the characters on the back.

I’m not gonna lie, Shadow Weaver is the one design from the new show I find vastly superior to the original.

The official Description is as follows: She-Ra doll features an armor-clad look including her signature white jumpsuit, a holographic skirt, long red cape and full battle armor. Shimmery accents weave through her extra-long, blonde hair underneath her iconic winged tiara. Carrying her Sword of Protection accessory, She-Ra is ready to defend her home planet, Etheria, from The Evil Horde and her nemesis, Shadow Weaver! Prepared to cast darkness on all who cross her, this Shadow Weaver doll “floats” when displayed and carries a glittery Shadow Power accessory. Dressed in her classic burgundy robe, Shadow Weaver doll features a highly detailed mask and long, flowing black hair.

I’ll give credit where it’s due… Mattel’s design team has taken the simplistic, Tumblr-tier designs of the characters and turned them into something more appealing and toyetic. I can imagine girls being drawn to these dolls even if they weren’t exposed to the animated series… the entire package is eye-catching and interesting, and could definitely fire a young girl’s imagination. If such a thing existed at retail. Which so far, it doesn’t… it’s only available within the confines of the extremely exclusive San Diego Comic-Con.

There’s been no word yet as to whether these characters will be making their way to retail toy shelves… perhaps we’ll find out more at Mattel’s panel at SDCC.

The She-Ra and the Princesses of Power SHE-RA vs SHADOW WEAVER 2-pack will be available San Diego Comic-Con attendees for $40. I expect The Evil Horde will have then on E-Bay at grossly inflated prices shortly thereafter.

San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 runs July 18-21. Toy-Wizards will be there covering all the chaos, so be sure to check back with us!


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