Hallmark Presents Their San Diego Comic Con 2019 Exclusives


As with every San Diego Comic Con, we get some great Hallmark Exclusives that sell out as soon as the doors open every day. Some of the offerings from the Greetings Card giant might surprise you, as they are actually big contenders on the toy exclusives scene.

Here is the run down on this years ornaments that you won’t take out of the box. Note about the exclusives SDCC is just first to market on these. Some of these will also be available at NYCC and the big Las Vegas Star Trek show.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi – A Wild Ride on Endor themed Keepsake Ornament

This gives you the excitement of pod racing before you knew what it was. Paploo the ewok on a stolen Speeder bike. Priced at $40.00 limited to 3200.


Star Wars – Chewbacca Bandolier themed itty bittys

This is for their other property itty bitty. A fine bandolier by itself but you can add the plush itty bittys to it. Cost $18.00 on its own or with purchase of three or more itty bittys it is only $8.00


Marvel Infinity war – Iron Spiderman

Spiderman in his 17-A armor is a metal ornament priced at $25.00 with a limited run of 2075 pieces.


Star Trek the Original Series – S.S. Enterprise

This is the evil Terran Empire version of the Enterprise from the classic episode “Mirror Mirror” It is bascily the Enterprise with a goatee. Cost $40.00 with a limited run of 3475 shared with the Vegas Star Trek Show.


Ghostbusters – Toasted Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 

Event exclusive Toasted variant celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters film. Cost of $10 each and a limited run of 1800 got get that ghost quick before they are all gone.


Harry Potter – Sybill Trelaywney

Another itty bittys exclusive from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This exclusive costs $10.00 and a run of 2250 that makes no sense at all. How does this has more made than Stay Puft?

Wonder Woman – Ice cube tray Invisible Jet and WW logo

This is a two piece mold for both the Invisible Jet and Wonder Woman logo. What do you make with these ice cube jests and logos? I recommend Wonder Woman White Russians great contrast on the drink.


PXL8 – Captain Marvel Enamel Pin

SDCC exclusive 8bit style of Captain Marvel with a backer card. Pretty cute!


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