New Masters of the Universe Toy Packaging Leaked Via Instagram


Leaked via Instagram by a user named Choking Hazard TV are a sneak-peek glance at the new Masters of the Universe “Stretch Armstrong” style toys. We’d first heard about these items coming earlier this year, but we had not yet been treated to any glimpses of these toys’ execution at the time. These stretch toys are going to be included in Mattel’s resurgence of the Masters of the Universe toy line, alongside their Mega Construx brick kits, mini-figures for said brick playsets, and the traditional looking He-Man/Prince Adam action figures they’ve revealed as San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

Now, I will admit that I am only recalling that these stretch figures are made by Mattel, so readers out there with more information, please feel free to correct us. From what it looks like, these photos were taken as some sort of toy show. This is judging by the ‘No Photography’ signs and the ‘Key Facts’ signs about other playsets and toys to the right of the Skeletor figure. This toy also looks huge, 12 inches or bigger judging by the way the two boys in the picture are holding the thing.

Toy Wizards will update with more information about this and other new Masters of the Universe toys when we get more details.


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