Bandai Reveals Metal Gundam Figure (That Costs One Thousand Dollars)


We all know Metal Build Gundam figures; so what is this Metal Structure Gundam? It’s a Gundam that is about four times the cost, is the short answer. Metal, ABS, and PVC parts 1/60 scale make this monster Gundam retail at almost $1000 bucks, and it is already selling out. This is the main Gundam from the Movie Chars Counter Attack and the design was given to the federation just so Char would have a fair opponent for Sazabi.

About this monster it is 370 MM tall so about 14.5 inches tall with a display stand and gantry with worker dudes and Amro figure. Over 2000 parts and they do everything– they come off here, they move there, and so on. It is amazing, which isn’t much of a surprise considering this Gundam costs as much as a beater car. It has lights built into the body of the Gundam and in the base. They have also announced an extra fin funnels add on, but it is unclear if this is extra like a premium, or included. But at $1000 it should come with fin funnels, seriously. But this item in and of itself is a premium ultra collectible for those collectors that have no time to build a kit and want a masterpiece in their stable of amazing stuff room.

You know who you are– no need to hide it. Just buy the $1,000 Gundam.

– Set contents
・ガンダム Gundam body
Beam Rifle
New hyper bazooka
Beam saber (large)
Beam saber (small)
Beam saber effect (one set)
A set of pedestals
Light unit set
Catwalk set
A set of mechanic figures
Amro figure set

Gundam main body: LR41 × 3 (test battery included)
-For pedestal: AAA 4 × 4 (sold separately)

Manufacture Bandai

Cost 933,000 Yen 

Release date 12/2019


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