Takara Tomy Opens Preorders On New Diaclone DA-40 Trivers Tri-Dasher Special Edition Figure


The Trivers series is a new concept of Diaclone figures from Takara Tomy. Diaclone, as many know, is an old toy line from Takara made in 1980 as spin offs to the prior Microman toy line. They were transforming robots designed by Macross mech desginer Shoji Kawamori and were the 1:60 scale literal predacesors to Transformers. The second wave of Diaclone, the ‘Car-Bot’ line, are the ones that would become the G1 Autobots we know today.

The Tri-Dasher we’re ogling today is roughly 15cm tall, and it can change from machine mode to mech mode and battle mode, centering on its multi-purpose cockpit, known as the Bullet Core! It will be combinable with future Trivers releases, too. This beauty is approximately 15cm tall (5.5-6 inch range), has an MSRP of $78, will be released October, 2019, and can be preordered today from HobbyLink Japan!

[Set Contents]:

  • Bullet Core
  • Tri-Dasher body A
  • Tri-Dasher body B
  • Gun parts A (x2)
  • Gun parts B (x2)
  • Gun parts C (x2)
  • Sword (x2)
  • Arm (x2)
  • Mount parts (x4)
  • Diaclone crew member
  • Diaclone female crew member


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