Super7 Reveals Teen Wolf ReAction Figure Packaging


‪”He always wanted to be special… but never expected THIS!”

Transforming next Wed- 6/12: Scott Howard joins the Super7 ReAction Figure family! Teen Wolf represents Beacontown High in his letterman’s jacket or suited up for the big basketball game in the Super7 webstore next week!‬

These toys are such a delight. Hopefully Super7’s creating them makes a trend pop and we can have figures from the 80s Teen Wolf cartoon, which is actually one I really love. In typical ReAction figures trend, these will be about 4″ tall and have a $14.99 price point. If you don’t want to wait on Super7’s site, you can preorder them from BigBadToyStore. Do you like the letterman jacket Scott, or the basket ball team Scott better?

Ooh, or better yet– maybe we will get Todd Howard, the boxing cousin wolf from the sequel played by a young Jason Bateman.

::swoon and faint::


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