Mattel Reveals New Batman San Diego Comic Con Toy Exclusive


Batman the movie is turning 30 this year, and Mattel is celebrating with new toys. Well, not exactly toys, but San Diego Comic Con exclusives that you can’t get unless you’re at the show this summer. In fact, attendees can preorder from Mattel and pick up their toys at the show, but none of the items we’re discussing today will be shipped.

Way to start off an article with bummer news, right?

Now onto the toys!

As first revealed by io9, Hot Wheels’ diecast car of the Armored Batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movie.. As well as a fully detailed replica of the ‘89 Batmobile itself, the special set also comes with a small diecast figure of Michael Keaton’s Batman, but also a special protective shell replicating the film’s armored upgrade for the vehicle. This item will be $25 at SDCC.

Next up in Mattel’s San Diego Comic Con Toy Exclusives is an amazing 4-pack of action figures. This pack is a celebration of Batman’s Silver Age roots in the comics, the four-figure set gives you four remarkably silly renditions of Bruce Wayne’s early comic book adventures, all packaged in special, old-school comic art themed box.  The first is a classic Batman representing the Dark Knight’s iconic blue and grey costume for many of his Silver Age adventures, while the other three are more one-off specifics. There’s Negative Suit Batman, Zebra Batman, and Rainbow Batman. The four figures feature 23 points of articulation, and each of these costumes actually made an appearance in issues and stories from the Silver Age of Comics.

This set has an MSRP of $80.


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