Go Go to San Diego Comic Con! Red and Gold Power Ranger Exclusives Announced


Cnet broke the news today on a couple new SDCC Comic Con Exclusives coming in July this year. A Power Rangers Lighting Collection Two pack Featuring Jason Scott Lee’s Red Armored Ranger and Zeo Gold Ranger. Both are a first Hasbro Exclusive in their new Power Rangers Lighting Collection.

Most notable about this collection are the accessories. This shows Hasbro has been listening to your requests. There are multiple weapons for each ranger. Red Ranger has his Blade Blaster in both version for the holster or firing, and he has Tommy’s Green Dragon Dagger. That would have been fine, but no. We also get the MMPR Power Blaster. This has been highly wanted forever and Hasbro has listened to you!

Remember to send them a thank you card.

Zeo Gold Ranger has the Zeo staff in both settings. Each figure comes with a regular head version of Jason and a smirking face head. I like the smirk version the best.

These will be sold at SDCC Comic Con July 17-21st 2019 for a Retail price of $50.00 and some reminder will be posted on Hasbro Pulse after the convention. Get them while you can at the show or from Hasbro– the eBay listings have already gone up and double the cost for bids in 4 hours.

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