Hasbro Takes Us Back to the 90s With New Marvel Legends X-Men Line


Toybiz makes a comeback in this retro style packaging for the newest wave of Marvel Legends action figures. Back to the 90s is a real thing. For this newest wave of retro-styled Marvel legends action figures, we get six great toys. First shown off at Toy Fair we finally get carded images of the next wave of retro  line.

Wolverine with what I always thought was Spiderman webbing eye mask. For the record this is a John Buscema Wolverine from the first volume of Wolverine 1988. The card art is off from the figure on this but I am sure collectors just want a 933rd Wolverine figure for their collection.


Dazzler in her 90s X-men outfit is truly truly fabulous.  Those are totally not magic hand things they are light hand thingies. 

Silver Samurai is yet another Wolverine foe that sometimes fights him and other times is married into his life. Face it; keeping track of Wolverine’s many wives is really hard.


Iceman cometh, the non MMA version. Bobby is pale pocket of ice with small ice rocks as a base? But hey, you always need a better Iceman on the team. You could also take off the belt and have a great Amazing Spiderman Iceman with this figure.

The ‘Almost Iconic Storm‘ but not really. This is the ‘Hey it is too hard to draw black on the cartoon, we will make her outfit white’ version. In the comics, this outfit was all leather drawn by Marc Silvestri but the animation had to make it easier to draw and we got a white outfit storm.


And lastly, Cyclops this is his ‘Pre-Jim-Lee X-Force outfit.

X marks the spot on these figures each have a drop date as Fall 2019 and retail of $19.99 available at Hasbropulse for pre orders today.



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