Use These ‘Game Of Thrones’ Toys From Funko To Act Out a Better Series Finale


Game of Thrones ended just two weeks ago, and disgruntled fans are still reeling from the disappointment that so many prophecies, hints, amazing fan theories, and iconic moments/symbolism ultimately fell apart and led to nothing. But luckily, in the world of head canon, fan fiction, and us playing with our dolls again (sir), we are able to create a more satisfying means to the end.

Whatever that means to our subjective realities.

Regardless of your feelings for Funko Pops and vinyl figures (whether you love them or deem them the annoying little brothers and sisters of the toy world), they are here and their impact is vast. Therefore, we’re going to check out some hot new items in stock and available for preorder at BigBadToyStore. Puppet show indeed– let’s build a new ending in those six…seven…however many…broken-ass kingdoms.


By: Funko
$5 39
By: Funko
$7 19
By: Funko
$8 99
By: Funko
$9 99

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