Toy Wizards Readers Respond To Karate Kid Action Figure by NECA Toys


Earlier today, a friend and Toy Wizards reader sent me this little reveal. It’s a Daniel action figure from the classic film franchise, The Karate Kid. 

Upon seeing it, something didn’t sit right with me. Much like when I saw NECA Toys’ Goonie figures of Sloth and Chunk, I was negatively impacted and physically recoil. But in the world of good and fair toy journalism, I really wanted to stay neutral. I love toy companies. I love toy brands. Those artists work hard and a lot of money goes into making these products come to life. There was no way I was going to get my jollies going after this…no so stellar looking toy.

I am not embalmed. I am a human bei….ah, screw it.

So I let Toy Wizards readers do the job for me.


Did a witch doctor shrink Daniel san’s head?

Head doesnt match the body and what is up with that outfit

Ross and Rachel were on a break.

They didn’t get Ralph Maccios likeness licenses so they had to make a generic face.

Was he in the same waiting room with Beetlejuice? Because damn.

Because it does make it look a little bulky like the head is misshapened. It would also be nice if it came with a separate head with a black eye.

Are we supposed to kick him? Or does he like to kick it…like hanging out with the other f*@#boiz?

He looks more like Adam Driver.

It looks like a Rob Liefeld drawing.

What kind of balls are those ??

Looks like an adult male, not Daniel-san. Hands too big, shoulders too broad, and face too aged to be a teenage Daniel…which is what the package suggests this is supposed to be.

Why does he look like Bruce Banner’s head sticking up out of the Hulk Buster armor? Those proportions are just wrong.

Now I know why the Cobra Kai wanted to kick his ass!

Also, should the chopsticks come with this figure? It’s like a Finn action figure having the Kylo Ren lightsabre.

Surplus body repainted? Custom head and accessories?

I’m sorry but its absolute crap it’s going to be an easy pass for me.

Why is he shrugging?

At first I thought it was the guy from American Pie.

Me thinks the “action figure” should have Daniel in his tournament outfit instead of regular clothes. Also, dunno how is he supposed to hold the chopsticks? What about things like the tournament trophy? His signature bandanna? Dunno…just looks bleh.

It looks good not too bad I still have to get that Neca karate kid 2 pack.

Yeah… NO!

I cannot conceive of anybody being such a big fan of The Karate Kid that they would spend money on a figure despite being such a bad likeness.

It looks like crap to me.A dollar store toy to me.

Package is cool. Can’t tell if the figure is well made because I would never buy it. But it looks like garbage.

He’s wearing a lot of padding, I’m guessing? Kinda handy in terms of karate, I guess. I assume there’s no rule against that.

Why anyone would choose to make an action figure for Daniel in Karate Kid 3 is beyond me.

Daniel wears hand me downs and is a Pokémon trainer?

Makes me wonder where they were going here. Are those chopsticks or drumsticks? Also, the other accessories don’t make sense except maybe the Bonsai tree. Is this an anniversary edition figure?

They mispacked a Vinnie figure and put too much blush on him?

Broad shoulders on that boy


The native tribe of Reseda thought Daniel was a little full of himself and remedied their issue by shrinking his head.

Looks like Rocky and Daniel spliced with Paul Stanley… Is this the Neca stuff? If so…pass.

Its Pat!!!!!!

He looks like he’s being touched inappropriately. This is one of those dolls cops show kids and ask “Where did the priest touch you?”

It looks like a shrunken head on a bloated corpse.

Why does he have chopsticks? Instead of sanding pads, shouldn’t he have sponges, for waxing? Pass…

He doesn’t look like Ralph Macchio, but he does look like the son of a mob boss who’s trying to leave the family and go legit. Which is what Ralph Macchio looks like. So he and Ralph both look like the same stereotype character from a mob movie.


Is it just me, or do his clothes make it look like he was hit by a shrink ray?

what the Fudge … okay .. I love karate kid … and have thought about getting the Remco figures .. which I feel are really dorky looking .. but this thing .. makes those things look amazing … what the heck .. Daniel is a skinny little runt … no really after meeting him in person and into his 50s he looks like the dude needs to eat a meal of some kind .. this figure looks like he’s been living at the buffet table for at least 10 years and .. um the blush on his cheeks … looks like a 3 year old who found their mom’s make up bag.. “Danielle” as Tommy called him .. must really allow him to find his inner beauty pageant queen look. this is like a 5th degree black belt in lameness.

I though it was Rocky

Why does it come with golf balls?

It looks EXACTLY….like nothing from the official Karate Kid movie. Was the footage of this character left on the ‘cutting room floor’ or somehow edited out?

It’s horrible. And it doesn’t even have kung-fu grip!
I can’t stand looking at it.
I love all things Karate Kid…except for this. 🙁
Boo, it says.



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