Bluefin Brands Shows Off ‘Toy Story’ Buzz Lightyear and Woody Model Kits


Bandai and Pixar are teaming up to bring us two amazing new model kits. Distributed in the US by Bluefin Brands, these awesome new Toy Story pieces might be exactly what we need to help mainstream model kit building to an American audience.

Not that I don’t love Gundams, Gundam building, Mini-Pla, and every robot and Goku kit in the room, believe me, I do.

The MSRP is anticipated to be about $27, and these kits are rumored to drop around July, 2019.

Can you imagine model kits sold at the Disney Store? That would be incredible.

In addition to these kits just being beautiful, they include several faces and alternating hands. In a way, that means they will be constructed to come apart, or at least have the pieces pop in and out. This stability might make these kits more appealing to parents, who could use model kit building as an art activity for their kids. Obviously, it’s unclear what the difficulty will be for these kits, but if they’re in the Optimus Prime high-easy range, they will appeal to Disney/Pixar fans of all ages.

Toy Wizards will report more details on the Toy Story model kits as new ones emerge.


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