Hasbro Reveals New Images of ‘Transformers’ G1 Soundwave Walmart Exclusive Reissue


In an act of toy torture and simultaneous brilliance, Hasbro and Walmart have been (likely intentionally) silent about the G1 Soundwave reissue.

Without embellishing at all, I would say that Toy Wizards receives about 2-3 messages per week asking if we have any new information about the G1 Soundwave reissue that was announced several months back.  And unfortunately, Walmart has been hush-hush on this one.

We all remember when the G1 Optimus Prime hit the shelves with an MSRP of $50 and didn’t include its trailer. That toy, for those that are left on the shelves, is beginning to drop to clearance prices, much like the Hot Rod and Starscream reissues before it. Optimists and collectors alike are hopeful that this means they are clearing the shelves for new G1 reissue product, namely, that Soundwave we are waiting for.

Because that one, my fellow robots-in-disguise enthusiasts, will be a collecting bloodbath. 

We took the Soundwave reissue to a Toy Wizards HQ meeting to discuss all that we know about it up to this point:

  • Word around the playground is that Soundwave has a ‘2nd Quarter’ release date. That covers May-July, 2019.
  • We also know that Walmart has a reset scheduled for June, 2019. We anticipate this is the time where they will start making room on their shelves for upcoming product, which according to release dates, should include the G1 Soundwave reissue.

That’s what we know for now, but we will continue to report more as new details come to the surface. But if nothing else, we can look at the new pictures and see how sexy this reissue is!

Soundwave superior, indeed…


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  1. He is out now and slowly trickling into stores Along with the four cassette minions. He retails for $49.67. I picked him up and the cassette minions with in the last two days here in Mississippi

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