Hot Toys Unveils An Amazing Tony Stark ‘Team Suit’ Edition Figure


Holy Macross, Batman. This 1:6 scale Tony Stark is a complete and total knock out from Hot Toys. The fact of the matter is, they already had the literally perfect Tony Stark head sculpt from their other Iron Man figures ready to go. So now, they put all of their energy and focus into making sure that Avengers: Endgame team suit was ready to go.

But really, you guys see it too, right? This is totally Marvel Macross happening here.

While there is no shipping date available yet, this 1:6 scale Team Suit Edition Tony Stark has an MSRP of $229.99 and can be preordered from Toy Origin today.


Hot Toys‘ Tony Stark Team Suit Figure Image Gallery:

From Hot Toys’ Official Instagram:

In this last installment of the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios has taken fans on a remarkable journey about friendship, team work and setting aside differences to overcome obstacle. Our beloved super heroes understand how fragile the reality is, and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.
Among all the outfits and weapons designed, the new Avengers Team Suit had drawn intense attention from fans and audiences shortly after the release of the movie trailer in the early stage. Today, the mystery behind this new suit has finally been unraveled in theaters! Hot Toys is very pleased to present the latest 1/6th scale collectible figure that captures Tony Stark in this brilliant tech suit with the most up-to-dated details.
Sophisticatedly crafted based on the portrayal of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, the movie-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function that bears a high resemblance of a closed helmet showing part of Tony’s face, a newly painted interchangeable head sculpt, a meticulously tailored Team Suit outfit with Avengers’ logo on the chest, a battered Iron Man Mark L helmet and a specially designed movie-themed figure stand.
Your Marvel collection wouldn’t be complete without this special Tony Stark collectible figure.


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