Good Smile Company Announces a Moderoid ‘Vision of Escaflowne’ Figure


The Vision of Escaflowne (aka Tenkū no Esukafurōne) is fantasy-mecha anime from 1996 with designs by Macross and Mecha great Shōji Kawamori. While incredible in their designs, the show never found many purchases in toys or models. There was several LM kits and a couple of smaller toys of Escaflowne himself from Bandai in regular colors, and a black version in a Bandai DVD Box set. Oh, not to mention the infamous Yamato Transformation toy.

But for the record, they never considered to make it so a toy could actually transform and Yamato, finally, did make that happen. Images here of that majestic SOB to transform via Collection DX.

These new images from Good Smile Company show off a first look at Moderoid Escaflowne. What is Moderoid, you ask? Excellent question– and I did some research for you like a good Toy Wizard does. 

MODEROID refers to a partially pre-painted model kit. The runners are separated by color as well as pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together!

Alrighty got that? I hope so; it’s a pre-painted model kit. No scale, price point, release date or painted version has been shown off at this point. As I am a huge fan on the Escaflowne anime and movie, this is a dream come true.

No, like really a dream I had yesterday about having new Escaflowne toys just came true today

If this came true today…what will we get tomorrow?

Image credits Dengeki Hobby

Moderoid Escaflowne
Manufacture: Good Smile Company
Price ?
Release date ?


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