Storm Collectibles Shows Off a Brand New Guile from Street Fighter Action Figure


Coming soon from Storm Collectibles is another treat from their Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers line of action figures. Next in line, as revealed on Storm’s social media, is a figure of Guile, the franchise’s very own real American hero.

I think the details on this figure are absolutely stunning. In typical Storm fashion (which means their website isn’t updated and they don’t include any details, specs, preorder information, or release date), there isn’t much to be said here. However, just by checking out this image above, we can see there’s a lot of good happening here. Guile’s face is twisted in his trademark ‘never should have been cast as Van Damme’ trademark tough-guy sneer. His hunch and pose are absolutely perfect, and the muscle definition on his arms and stomach are astounding. The veins bulging from his arms is totally on point, and the sculpt on his costume’s fabric folds and the way the belt juts out a little is really perfect. It’s these amazing little touches that just brings this character to life.

So, going by Storm Collectible’s Sagat action figure, which is the last in this line they released, it will likely be in the $80 range. The Sagat comes with four interchangeable heads, two sets of hands, and two attack effects. Thus with Guile, we can assume we will get at least the Sonic Boom effect, and possibly (if Storm gets super creative) a swipe effect for his signature upward kick.

Sagat will be debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2019, where we will hopefully see Guile. Size and additional specs will come as we learn more about this figure.


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