DC Unveils Latest Line That’s Totally Not Going To Be Canceled Before Release


It’s like Lucha Explosiva! all over again. Sort of.

Lucha Batman prepares to deliver his devastating finisher, “El Purpura Nurple.”

DC Collectibles has announced a collaboration with Pop Life Global and China’s Imperial Palace, to produce a series of collectible action figures based around the characters of the DC Universe.

I can already hear Twitter’s “My culture is not your super-armor!” caterwauling.

The new line is set to include iconic characters Superman, Batman, The Flash and, (assuming the line fares better than Lucha Explosiva!) others in costumes themed after ancient Chinese warriors. These figures are intended to be part of the Creativity And Historical Culture Collection, which will, allegedly, be expanded to offer other collectibles, apparel and more.

It may seem I’m taking a cynical view of whether or not these will see the light of day (and I am) due to DC Collectibles continued inability to keep a viable line of figures in production lately. DC Explosiva! was met with a collective “meh” by retailers and collectors, and was canceled before release. These are even less imaginative and visually appealing than that line was, but the partnership with Pop Global and the Imperial Palace may at least get these onto some retail shelves.

The full press release (with some butchered character names) is posted below…

As one of the leading creative companies, Pop Life Global together with Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company are proud to announce its highly anticipated DC Collectibles collaboration. While experiencing their biggest year at the box office in China with feature films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the cast of characters from the DC Universe are fast becoming popular with fans. These figures pay homage to the ancient Chinese warriors and soldier armors inspired by the museum collections from the Imperial Palace archives. The Imperial Palace, under the charge of the Palace Museum, is the palatial heart of China. Constructed in 1420 during the early Ming Dynasty, it is China’s best-preserved palace, and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.

The collectible products are just part of the CREATIVITY AND HISTORICAL CULTURE collection with a full range of collectibles, art toys, apparel, homewares, accessories and other inspired merchandise. These highly collectible figures include Batman, Superman, Robin, Death Stroke, Wonder Woman, Night Wing, Joker, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Arrow, Flash, and Aquaman.

Pop Life Global is synonymous with telling powerful stories, creating memorable characters, providing engaging consumer experiences, and developing merchandise at the forefront of pop culture.

Good thing it’s not Zack Snyder”s Murder Superman. He’d punch General Zod right through that shit.

This would be a good place to remind you that DC Collectibles still has not given us action figures based on the highly successful Young Justice series.


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