NECA Toys Releases New Images of Golden Girls Figures


Thank you for being a friend.

Or at least the toy designers and artists that made these four lovely ladies come to life in doll form.

We’d reported the initial announcement and packaging reveal from NECA Toys that they had Golden Girls dolls on the way. But now, it’s time for a little bit of delicious toy photography when the ladies doll up for a photo shoot.

Puns always intended. Always.

Are you going to pick up a set of these cuties? Check out the images below and buckle up in that Studebaker with Stan!

Yeah…deep dive.


NECA Toys’ Golden Girls Image Gallery:


From NECA Toys’ Official Instagram:

The #GoldenGirls 8″ Cloth Action Figures are ready to bless your collection this month! Here’s a full photo gallery to help get ready for their release.


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