Iron Studios Creates New Collectible Statues From the 80s Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon


Before Zordon ever considered recruiting a team of teenagers with attitude, The Dungeon Master had a mad handle on that science team formation. In the standard “getting pulled into the game” tradition, a group of cartoon friends circa 1983 were given roles that changed their life from the regular, to the fantastical in a somewhat forgettable animated version of Dungeons and Dragons.

But now, created by Iron Studios and distributed by Sideshow Collectibles come seven brand-new art statues celebrating this piece of D&D history. The figures have an MSRP between $94-$115 each, are sold separately, and will ship October-December of 2019. They are available for preorder today. Characters include:

Dungeon Master: $64.99 – 4.5″ tall


Presto the Magician: $94.99 – 7″ tall


Diana the Acrobat: $104.99 – 6.6″ tall


Hank the Ranger: $114.99 – 11.8″ tall


Eric the Cavalier: $94.99 – 7.8″ tall


Bobby the Barbarian and Uni: $104.99 – 6.4″ tall


Sheila the Thief: $104.99 – 8.4″ tall

There is so much personality presented on these gorgeous polystone statues. The poses and character traits are so visible that it really feels like animation brought to life. I would absolutely love to collect and display these, no doubt. Are you going to add these to your collection?!


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